THE WORLD-VISION, Acrylics on canvas, 1,2 x 5 metres, Rosie Jackson 2009



Seminars to transform our earth into paradise through

Self-Awareness, ArtTheatreMusic, DanceRituals and Vision

A project for peace troubadours

An education programme for the expansion of consciousness which will transform ourselves

and thus our world, based on Rosie Jackson’s

World Paintings and UNITY TAROT

“If the world was a village of 100 people …”

Developing a global network of people who carry the vision of peace on earth in their hearts.


How can we become “one” with each other, with our earth and with our universe?

What qualities must we develop to ensure peace?

The Spiritual Revolution Project explores and maps 100 “positive” qualities. The more they serve as our point of orientation, the more we voluntarily and conscientiously adhere to them out of love for ourselves and our fellow humans, the faster we will move towards harmonious living. In the course of this project, we encounter everything which separates us (culture, customs, beliefs) and discover mutual ground, the world of feelings and emotions: how we conduct our relationships; how we deal with our fears and problems; how we express our sadness and joy. Simultaneously, we celebrate our miraculous diversity and potential. As troubadours of a new peaceful age, it is our intent to spread the wisdom, insights and loving attitude acquired during this process.


In 2005, the artist Rosie Jackson made a mental note of the fact that different people were always sending her the same text which began “If the world was a village of 100 people”.

Deciding that this was no coincidence, she used the global statistics in this text (concerning nationality, religion, poverty etc.) to invent 100 people and write their biographies. Then she depicted these “global villagers” in a 5 metre long painting entitled THE WORLD-REALITY, illustrating the whole range of human problems on earth.

But having done this, she felt she could not just leave it at that, so she spent another 2 years considering how each of the global villagers could turn their life around if they pursued a certain “positive” quality (such as respect, gratitude or compassion). Then she painted the 100 figures anew, following their transformation, in another large painting entitled THE WORLD-VISION.

The 100 positive qualities act as the catalyst for the SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION which can transform our world into paradise. The 100 biographies all have a “happy end” and include 10 pertinent questions, and this now forms the UNITY TAROT. Ideally, the paintings should be placed in a Peace Centre where visitors seeking transformation can choose a card from the UNITY TAROT, and where seminars can be held.

Why has our earth not (YET) turned into paradise?

Our failure to realise the following:

- that we are not victims but gods and goddesses who
     have created everything (EVERYTHING) on this planet

-that we have insufficiently utilised our critical faculties and have let ourselves be influenced by the media

-that we still our guilty consciences in a variety of ways, for example a quick donation or signing a petition

-that our cowardice and inability to leave our comfort zone restricts us to functioning within corrupt systems instead of questioning the validity and purpose of the system itself.

-that fear dictates our reactions and catapults us into an illusionary scramble for survival

-that our egos make us susceptible to comparing ourselves to others and taking part in the competitive rat race

-that we are allow ourselves to be influenced and divided by enemy stereotypes – battles between sexes, generations, nations and religions – instead of searching for the similarities

-that we do not take over responsibility for our own behaviour and leave decisions to others

-that we do not conceive of ourselves as wielders of divine energy, constantly and eternally connected to the universe and Source

-that we act irresponsibly towards each other and our earth

-that we always take and possess more than we need

-that our seemingly justifiable outbursts of anger are actually acute reactions to personal issues or „soft spots“ which still require healing, and which only we can heal

-that we are continually compromising. One compromise a day (e.g. one paper cup or cigarette butt thrown onto the street) results in huge wastes of rubbish (6.9 billion paper cups or cigarette butts if everyone does this)

-that every joyful thought, good deed, curse or crime returns to us personally in some form at a later date

-That we are all on the way to paradise, our ultimate destination. The only question which remains is: how deeply do we realise this, and how many detours are we going to take on the way?

How can the UNITY TAROT and the World Paintings be used?


A programme to develop and sharpen our intercultural awareness, a framework which opens up new visionary, cultural, global and spiritual perspectives and which dissolves the obstacles to our own personal visions and desires. This process is catapulted by examining the paintings THE WORLD-REALITY and THE WORLD-VISION. Participants experience a taste of paradise – love, intimacy, support, creativity, courage, clarity, oneness, trust, honesty, openness, spontaneity, exhilaration, peace and reconciliation with the past, balance, soul purpose and joy for life (Contact Rosie Jackson,, or Dr. Peter Erlenwein,

What the seminar can activate:

- Hidden potential and unsuppressed enthusiasm for life

- Deeper, wider perception and new perspectives

- Recognition of old stumbling blocks preventing vocation and vision

- Openness for encounters and confrontation with all that seems „foreign“

- Active participation in the role of divine messenger on the world stage

- Courage to critically question what happens behind the scenes

- Loving concern for ourselves, our fellow travellers, our earth

- Affinity with all people of all nations through emotions and feelings common to all

- Creativity as a method of expression, self-discovery and communication to others

- The concept of life as a self-determined adventure and journey

What methods are used in seminars?

Exploring the details in the painting THE WORLD-REALITY in order to sharpen perception, confront the darker sides of our natures and to work on personal obstacles. Exploring the details in the painting THE WORLD-VISION as inspiration for developing visions for oneself and for our world. Body work, dance, encounter, meditation, visualisation, regression work. Identification with one global villager from the Unity Tarot and confrontation with new cultures, opportunities, structures, ideas.



This is for exactly 100 participants. Each participant chooses one global villager and searches for this fictive person IN REALITY and experience the positive quality associated with that person TOGETHER, documenting this in any way they choose in order to inspire others with their story. This is a way to travel intuitively and build international partnerships on a very personal emotional level. The vision: when 100 people have gone through this process, they all meet to celebrate ad exchange their experiences. Photos of the 100 villagers they have “found” are used as a basis for sculptures to be exhibited. The 100 participants and the 100 villagers meet for a great celebration.

Performances based on the UNITY TAROT material, and other ideas

1-100 actors, 1-100 dancers, 1-100 composers, 1-100 artists choose a Global Villager and experiment with interaction, developing a play or a musical or a film. For example, 10 actors choose a card and take on the role of the villager they choose, “meeting” the other 9 actors in the course of the play. Or 100 artists choose a card and illustrate the positive quality on the card, and an exhibition is held of the paintings or sculptures they make. Or 100 people in 100 countries wishing to act as peace troubadours choose a card and go through the seminar process, and then the 100 people who chose the Global Villager representing GRATITUDE, could then meet to express gratitude together on an international level or build a GRATITUDE TEMPLE.

For more information, ring 0049 (0) 8076 8877003, or contact Rosie Jackson at rosie (aatt)