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Seminar PATHS TO PEACE, near Munich, Germany

(Held in the German language)

Saturday 10th June, 2017

Saturday 22nd July, 2017

Saturday 30th September, 2017

Contact rosie (at) or ring 0049 (0) 8076 8877003




2013: Evening sessions SHARING CIRCLES, Germany

2012: Seminar I AM YOU, Germany

2010: Opening Seminar in CENTRE OF UNITY, Switzerland



“It is difficult for me to express my joy and enthusiasm in so few words – it was a celebration of love, rejuvenation and mobilisation of our inner strength – I am absolutely humbled to see how you have painted the present situation of our world and also the vision for our world in such minute detail“

„On my way to the seminar I suddenly thought to myself I AM ON THE WAY TO PARADISE, and when I drove home I thought I HAVE BEEN IN PARADISE. I remember all that love, the joy of being there, of being in a close-knit community. I am so happy! The whole experience has afforded me great clarity. I can now see my soul’s purpose quite clearly.

“Thank you for such an intensive, inspiring and clarifying time. May many more people find the right spirit to confront the problems of our world and to find the courage, strength and imagination to solve them. May the seeds you have sewn bear fruit.”

“The feelings that your paintings have evoked show me quite clearly how art can reach out to people, can show ways towards inner and outer peace. They prove that feelings contribute more to peaceful processes that rational thinking. Mindfulness, sensuality, being a woman, sensitivity – all this I have learnt and intend to pass on. Every day is a wedding day. Thank you for the wonderful seminar and for your painting“.

“One consequence of attending your seminar is my realisation that I cannot compromise myself any longer. I will continue to “talk“ to my global villager and collect ideas as to how I could meet a person like this in real life. What an adventure!”


“I am sure that you know what a deep experience this was for me. I would not hesitate for one second to do this again”.

“Your Tarot has had an unbelievably good therapeutic effect on me. If I wanted to work as a therapist myself, I would use your cards”.

“Ever since selecting Global Village number 13 from your Unity Tarot, my life has completely changed”

“Thank you for your love and caring concern during the Spiritual Revolution Seminar. I will attempt to counter the negative aspects of myself which I have discovered” 


How can we live together in peace, joy and unity? As way showers, we will acquire a deeper knowledge of self, address unhealed issues and develop qualities necessary for leadership and for inspiring others on their path.

We will take part in exercises to increase self-awareness, clarity, and perception and to encourage healing through sound, art, movement, role-playing, visualisation and channelling the Divine within intuitively. THE SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION PROJECT and UNITY TAROT will be presented and used as a catalyst for personal transformation and intercultural understanding, paving the way to the creation of unity on a global scale.

This is an opportunity to meet others who share your deep concern for the planet and to come together to work for change. It is a chance to learn from each other, discover new horizons, improve relationships, develop personal missions, dissolve blockages, release enemy images, explore potential, experiment, increase creativity and our sense of ONENESS.

This is designed to be a spiritual learning journey through which you will track yourselves. This means always having a notebook and pen at hand, and noting down for yourselves whatever you feel about strongly, or whatever meaningful experience you have.

FOR A NEW ERA OF PEACE rosie@ Tel 0049 (0)8076 8877003